Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What the Blue?

"Is it just me, or have you noticed it too? Really, I ask, what the blue?!"
It seems every major site I can think of, has decided blue is the new color to use. Just to name a few; Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Amazon, Twitter, PhotoBucket, and that's only the start, a very small start... I understand blue is cool, but really, why do so many websites decide they need to use it? No... I'm not designing a website that uses blue... that's insane...

So, trying to understand all this craze, I googled, "emotions blue." (that's called refined googling my friend!) It seems blue is calming? Hmm... calming, really... then why don't girls ever seem to be calm on Facebook... Jokes aside, I guess I could understand why you would want your site to be calming; people will stay on longer, chill, you know, all that stuff websites want you to do.

 After doing a little more searching, I discovered that nobody else seems to care about this... So yeah, my searching was in vain. I'll leave you with this, if you want to make a hit website, you may want to try blue out; after all, it's being used very successfully elsewhere; however, it may be that if you chose a different color, people will find it refreshing, and you'll be setting the new trend. What do you think? Why is blue used so often?

1 comment:

  1. Blue is the best color, but i don't think EVERY single site should use it so blatantly..
    "that's called refined googling my friend!"
    haha your funny.. xD
    Blue is normally associated with the emotion of feeling "Blue" as in cold or down.
    Orange is associated with being hungry so I can understand why most sites aren't orange at least..